Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I have found some old letters that were sent to my grandmother. I will read them through and post any that are not too personal. I am old enough to remember a world without cel phones, texting, emails, Skype, etc. Back when long distance calls were expensive, hand written letters were the way to keep in touch with family. I glanced at some of them tonight. I see that some people seem to be responding to things discussed in previous letters.

If anyone in the family happens to have any old letters from my Nan kicking around with some old family documents, I would love, love, love to see them.
This short one was from Marion Bursey (Wally's wife) to my Nan Hilda shortly before she passed away.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Mongolian or Mi'kmaq Heritage?

In my family tree research I have found a little bit of information that indicates that there may be some Mongolian in my family. I have not found any specific names linked to Mongolians, however, some of my family members do have facial traits which clearly do not appear to be English or Irish. Perhaps it is Mi'kmaq I am seeing? I know that Julia frequented Bay St George, Newfoundland and that there were numerous Mi'kmaq families in the area at that time, including surnames Jesso, Benoit, Alexander, Sheppard, Blanchard, Quick, Morris, Madore, Delaney, LeBlanc, Morel, Butt, Cutler, etc.

I find this idea very interesting. Take a look at the features in some of the faces below and let me know what you think. If you know the connection, I would love more information.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Help Needed

I could really use some help identifying some of these photos please. :-)

I think that is my Nan, Hilda Loder (nee Bursey) on the left, but not sure who is on the right. This was taken in Queen Square, Saint John, NB.

This looks to me like Fanny Cramm (nee Bursey) in the middle, but not sure of the others.

I know this is Stan Bursey on the left and his wife Hazel on the right. That may be Mary Bell (nee Bursey) in the blue coat. Not sure who the children are.

This looks a little like Frank Cramm on the right to me, but I really don't know any of these faces.

All I know about this is that it was taken in Old Perlican and they were building a house.

Looks like it was taken at Fanny's house in Old Perlican, but not sure who it is.

Splitting fish in Old Perlican.

This may be my Nan on the right, Hilda Loder.
Hilda on right but no idea who is on left.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Road Trips and Picnics

One of my grandparents' favorite things to do on a weekend was to take a road trip around New Brunswick (Canada). They would often go visiting family out of town, aka "up country", or go to the beach for a picnic.

The back of one of the photos say it is Grampy's first car. This was later in life, so I don't know if it is his first new car, or actual first car. It was a different era and times were very different so it could very well be his first car.

Bill Loder with first car.

Bill, Hilda, Norma and Hazel Bursey. Hazel was Stan's wife. Stand was Hilda's brother. Photo says it was taken at "Ina's farm" 1964

Hilda and Rusty the dog.

Bill and Hilda.

Norma and Rebie , which may be Rebie Teakles in Sussex

Norma with "Rusty"

Daughter Norma.

This is one of my favorite photos because everyone looks so relaxed and casual. Bill, Hilda and daughter Norma.

Norma with dog Rusty and maybe Hilda.

Bill and Hilda with only child, Norma 7 months old, visiting in Sandy Point.

Bill with daughter Norma

Bill and Hilda

Bill Loder

Hilda and daughter Norma

Bill and a very pouty daughter, Norma, in Sandy Point, NB

Bill and Norma
Sisters Hilda and Mary.

Hilda (in blue) with sister Mary (Hawtense) and her daughter Julie, and son John and husband, Bob Bell.

Bill and Hilda at The Caves in St Martins, NB

Bill with daughter Norma

Picnic at the Caves in St Martins, NB

My Mom, Norma MacAulay (nee Loder) with her dog Toby, and two people I don't know.

Hilda Loder (nee Bursey)

Hilda and Bill in St Martins, NB


Norma and unknown person.

Norma Loder

Matilda Bursey (nee Pike)

Matilda Pike, wife of William James Bursey. Children where Fred, Mary, John, Victoria, Elisha, Hannah, William, Reuben. 

Matilda Bursey (nee Pike) b Nov 15, 1858-dJan 23, 1944. Matilda married James Bursey (b 1854-d May 21, 1918).

John with sister Mary and mother Matilda (center). Mary Ann Cramm (b Aug 6, 1884-d May 13, 1964) married William Thomas Cramm.

Matilda and grand daughter Fanny age 2

Monday, March 27, 2017

Old Negatives - Who is this?

I found this old negative of a photo of a young woman. I recognize the background from other photos as the homestead where my Grandmother and her family grew up in Old Perlican, Newfoundland. The question is, who is this person? She is wearing a ring, but not on her wedding finger. Given the age, location, time frame (~1926), the ring and the face, I think this is my young Grandmother, Hilda Bursey. As I have never seen a photo of her as a teen or very young woman I can't say for certain. However, it does look like her. Also, her mother passed away when she was around this age. She was given her wedding ring then and wore it up until the day in the hospital when she was passing away with Cancer, when she gave it to me, about a week before her death. I would be uncommon back then for someone of this age in this area to wear a ring otherwise.

She looks very somber. Since she is wearing black and around the right age, it could even be a pic taken after her mother Julia's funeral.

If anyone sees this photo and can recognize it, please let me know.

The only photo that I know is my Grandmother that is even close to this age, is the pic below.

Hilda Bursey